Wednesday 1 January 1986

After seeing in the New Year, my bed was found at ten minutes to one. I can't remember if I had a drink or not, it's possible I suppose.  I slept in until 10 o'clock and then played Football Manager on my Commodore 64 (C64).  Now let's be clear here, if Shirley Crabtree was The (Big) Daddy of the wrestling ring, then the C64 was The Daddy of gaming computers in the 1980's.

Football Manager was addictive stuff, I remember.  You started with your team in the fourth division (renamed division 2 nowadays!?) and you then had to pick your team to best advantage in order to move up the divisions.  Graphics were rudimentary (but they looked fantastic back then, or did they?) and the game had the uncanny knack of actually making time accelerate.

Later on, in the evening I guess, I watched Rocky II.  I can't remember anything much about the film, but my diary comment, "Wot a con!?" is unequivocal yet seems to leave the door ajar for a reassessment as necessary. I'm sure that my brother was highly enamoured with it!

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