Tuesday 6 May 1986

Back to school today, for what it's worth, after the extended weekend.  Our usual, c****y Chemistry teacher wasn't there today so consequently the lesson 'was even more of a dos.'  One friend broke another friend's calculator, and considering that at one stage we'd been having calculator wars - who can get the machine with the most scientific functions, or built in constants, e.g. Planck's Constant (6.626068 × 10-34 m2 kg / s) used to calculate the sizes of quanta in quantum mechanics - that was quite a faux pas.  The fact that such calculators were not terribly useful for your average 'O' Level Physics student, never mind, Chemistry student, was lost on us boys (as always!).  I finished up with a Casio fx570 - not bad, but not the winner either...

I also had an argument with another friend.  I described it as 'brill' and that's probably because I won.

3 days to go...

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